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the right powder charge in your rifle that will not push the bullet to fast to cause leading. It is important when switching to this load from a full power jacketed bullet load to clean the barrel completely; removing as much copper as possible. The bubbles are the solution reacting with the lead. Townsend Whelen who was captain of the US Army Infantry Rifle Team during this same time period talks about this type of practice in a pamphlet he wrote for the military called Suggestions to Military Rifleman. Two shots were pulled high from the main group. Because this load has more time in the barrel before the bullets exits than a full power load it is very sensitive to how the rifle is held and the follow through that the shooter uses. The solution used in this process can cause damage to your barrel if it is exposed for long periods of time; it can also damage blueing on chrome moly barrels. I shoot the load at 50 yards and even though this doesnt seem very far it is far enough that the load will shoot one hole groups if the rifle is held the same every time; or, it will shoot all over the place. This case had a split in it so it needed to be discarded anyway. This group was shot using varying degrees of pressure and follow through to show how sensitive this load is to how the rifle is held as it goes off. A rubber cork that can be bought at almost any hardware store could also be used. The remaining solution that comes out of the barrel does contain lead and is poisonous.  This group was shot at 50 yards with the shooter using the same exact hold and follow through every shot for ten shots. I use a large syringe to measure the proper amounts of vinegar and hydrogen peroxide into. In the early 1900s it was common to do a lot of what was referred to as Gallery Practice. It is then equally important than when you switch back to the full power load from the reduced cast bullet load that the barrel is cleaned again to remove any lead. It is important that the long range shooter becomes as familiar with his gun as possible. Follow this by a dry patch through the barrel followed by a brush with solvent.

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